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Jon Stewart on the first Daily Show following the 9-11 attacks.

Ha ha ha ha ha, Chaz Bono! When he was a woman, never felt comfortable with his gender so he spent years in anxiety and turmoil and had to go through a lot of physical trials and pain to be at peace with his physical and emotional self, ha ha ha ha ha ha! Haaaa, and now his knees hurt and he’s gonna get penises put on his knees, ha ha ha ha haaaa! SEVENTH GRADE RULES!

—Jon Stewart, my motherfucking hero, in response to assholes making snide remarks about Chaz Bono’s transgender status. (via lake-pontchartrain)

(via hotel-denouement)

  • Jon Stewart: What about all the hand-wringing over the changes that repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell would bring? The Family Research Council warned the repeal would lead to sexual assaults in the shower.
  • Jason Jones: Yeah, no, no. Turns out repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell doesn't all of a sudden make shower rapes legal.