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It’s sad to think what the state of rock and roll will be in twenty years from now. It just seems like when rock and roll’s dead, the world’s going to explode. It’s already so rehashed and so plagiarized. It’s barely alive now, ya know.. It’s disgusting. Kids don’t even care about rock and roll anymore as much as they used to… as the other generations have. It’s already turned into nothing but a fashion statement and an identity for kids to use as a tool to fuck and have a social life. And at that point, I really can’t see music being of any importance to a teenager, really. I think they’ll use sounds and tones in their virtual reality machines. And just listen to it that way and just get the same emotions from it and go to a party.

— Kurt Cobain (via frank-iero-is-an-oreo)

(via pocahoppus)

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