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PSU sex scandal

I think it’s hypocritical of the media to accuse anyone who supports Joe Paterno of disrespecting the victims of Sandusky’s perversions. Joe Paterno isn’t the one who raped those young boys. Joe Paterno isn’t the one who witnessed the abuse with his own two eyes and did nothing. Joe Paterno isn’t the one who orchestrated the cover up. But for some reason, if you turn on the TV, pull out a newspaper, or load a news/sports website, it’s Joe Paterno’s name and face plastered everywhere.  

So I have to ask, are we, Paterno’s supporters, the ones who don’t realize the magnitude of the situation, or is it the media; who decided that the sick actions of Jerry Sandusky and the resulting coverup by Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and campus police weren’t enough to warrant public interest and outrage; who are being disrespectful? 

Joe Paterno failed to act, yes, and I can concede that his firing is justified even though I disagree with it personally, but to make him the central topic of this discussion is a joke. Wake me up when the quality of reporting is more important than ratings. 

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